Net Gain Final Recommendations Report - individual sections

Since placing our Final Recommendations Report on our website we have become aware that some stakeholders have experienced difficulties in downloading pdf file.

To address this, and to provide stakeholders with more 'streamlined' information, we have now split the report into 32 sections. The first of these is the main body of the Final Recommendations Report but without the detailed, site-by-site information (the Site Assessment Documents, or SADs) which made up Section 7 of the report. Each of the 31 SADs are then presented as separate pdf files available for download.

Since submitting the Final Recommendations Report, Net Gain has become aware of some minor errors in, and omissions from, the text of the report. An Addendum was produced to provide corrections for these errors/omissions (available here) - the relevant sections of this Addendum have been included as a 'forward' to those individual sections that are affected.

Individual sections available to download are as follows:

Net Gain Final Recommendations - outline report.pdf
Section 7.1: rMCZ NG 1b, Orford Inshore
Section 7.2: rMCZ NG 1c, Alde Ore Estuary
Section 7.3: rMCZ NG 2, Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds
Section 7.4: rMCZ NG 4, Wash Approach
Section 7.5: rMCZ NG 5, Lincs Belt
Section 7.6: rMCZ NG 6, Silver Pit
Section 7.7: rMCZ NG 7, Markham's Triangle
Section 7.8: rMCZ NG 8, Holderness Inshore
Section 7.9: rMCZ NG 9, Holderness Offshore
Section 7.10: rMCZ NG 10, Castle Ground
Section 7.11: rMCZ NG 11, Runswick Bay
Section 7.12: rMCZ NG 12, Compass Rose
Section 7.13: rMCZ NG 13, Coquet to St Mary's
Section 7.14: rMCZ NG 13a, Aln Estuary
Section 7.15: rMCZ NG 14, Farnes East
Section 7.16: rMCZ NG 15, Rock Unique
Section 7.17: rMCZ NG 16, Swallow Sand
Section 7.18: rMCZ NG 17, Fulmar
Section 7.19: rRA 1, North Norfolk Blue Mussel Beds
Section 7.20: rRA 2a & 2b Seahorse Lagoon & Arnold's Marsh
Section 7.21: rRA 3, Glaven Reedbed
Section 7.22: rRA 4, Blakeney Marsh
Section 7.23: rRA 5, Blakeney Seagrass
Section 7.24: rRA 6, Dogs Head Sandbanks
Section 7.25: rRA 7, Seahenge Peat and Clay
Section 7.26: rRA 8, Wash Approach rRA
Section 7.27: rRA 9, Flamborough Head No Take Zone
Section 7.28: rRA 10, Compass Rose rRA
Section 7.29: rRA 11, Berwick Coast
Section 7.30: rRA 12, Farnes Clay
Section 7.31: rRA 13, Rock Unique rRA

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