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In 2011, Net Gain's recommendations will be presented to Defra in a comprehensive report with detailed maps at both a regional and local scale. The report will show the sites that have been identified and the recommended conservation objectives- i.e. what we hope to achieve at the site and how.

We are aiming to develop a functioning network of sites. That means that the selection of some of the individual MCZs will only make sense within the context of the wider MPA network that they form part of. The network will include areas that represent common habitat types, not just rare, special or endangered features.

The Net Gain Project is working with two sets of national guidance that outline the process for recommending potential MCZs under the four regional MCZ projects. These two sets of guidance are:

The Ecological Network Guidance (ENG)

The ENG has been developed by JNCC and Natrural England and lays out criteria for planning MCZs including size, habitats and how many there should be.

The Project Delivery Guidance (PDG)

The PDG outlines the process the Net Gain Project and our sister projects will follow in terms of framework, stakeholder engagement and key project milestones.

When we make our recommendations, they will have to include:

- A description of the nature of the habitats and where possible, the species that are associated with the site

- The conservation objectives for each site and their associated management components- which in turn will determine what level of production should be applied to the site

- Explanation of the reasons behind our recommended level of protection

- A detailed rationale of why the site was chosen and the alternatives that were explored

- A Socio-Economic Impact Assessment to determine the anticipated costs and benefits of each site and the nature conservation, sustainable development, environmental, social and economic implications.

- An explanation of how our overall network would be compromised if this site was ultimately not selected

- A summary of the relevant discussions which took place within the Stakeholder Advisory Panel and Regional Hubs, together with a consensus log to evidence all discussions or concerns from individual members.

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