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click to expand > Where are MCZs going to be located and who will decide this?
click to expand > What are Marine Conservation Zones and Marine Protected Areas?
click to expand > When will MCZs be designated?
click to expand > Will MCZs be no take zones?
click to expand > What are Reference Areas?
click to expand > What activities will be restricted in MCZs and who decides this?
click to expand > I was interviewed by a liaison officer- where can I see my information and how is it being used?
click to expand > What stage are the proposals for MCZs at now?
click to expand > I have advice or concerns about a particular site- who should I talk to?
click to expand > How will MPAs be policed? Who will enforce them and how will this enforcement be paid for?
click to expand > When MCZs extend beyond the 6 nautical mile limit, will foreign fishing vessels be governed by the same legislation?
click to expand > Once a Marine Conservation Zone is designated how will it be notified?
click to expand > How have stakeholders been involved in Finding Sanctuary?
click to expand > Who will manage and monitor MCZs?

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