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The Finding Sanctuary Steering Group is responsible for developing recommendations for Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) in the south-west to help create a coherent network of Marine Protected Areas for the UK.  The Group is made up of 41 members representing a wide range of marine interests including nature conservation, leisure and commercial. A list of members and the sectors they represent is found below.       

The Steering Group is currently working through a series of planning meetings to develop recommendations for MCZs in the south-west. With their diverse experience and backgrounds, the Group is helping ensure that the MCZ recommendations are as robust and fair as possible, having explored a number of different options to achieve the most efficient combination. 

A balance of stakeholder interest


A Joint Working Group was created in December 2011 formed from both the Inshore Working Group and the Offshore Working Group. The Inshore and Offshore Working Groups were created from the Steering Group. They are tasked with carrying out the detailed planning work on behalf of the Steering Group. The Steering Group will continue to meet every 3-4 months to review the progress of the Working Groups. Click here to see a list of Working Group members.

The Process Group has been established from the Steering Group to help the facilitators design the process and to work with them on the detail for each meeting.

Steering Group, Working Group and Process Group meeting reports and a list of  members of these groups are all available to download under the relevant headings on our RESOURCES page.


If you would like to contact your Steering Group representative please email stating who the email is for, and we will forward it on for you.


Some stakeholders who cannot resource meeting attendence have chosen to be Named Consultative Stakeholders rather than sitting on the Steering Group. This status allows them to play a less intensive role in the planning of MCZs. Further information is available under the Process Support heading on our RESOURCES page.


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