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The Marine Conservation Zone Project is a partnership project working with people who use the sea for their livelihood or leisure to identify Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). The project area covers English inshore waters and the offshore waters around England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The project area was split into four regional MCZ projects Balanced Seas, Finding Sanctuary, Irish Sea Conservation Zones and Net Gain.
These projects have now submitted their recommendations for MCZs within their regions. Each regional MCZ project has its own report which provides detailed information for individual sites. These reports are now available for download from their websites and can be viewed on this interactive map.

Now that the final recommendations have been made, JNCC and Natural England will undertake analysis of the recommendations and provide advice to Defra. A review is also being carried out on the economic, social and environmental impacts that the series of MCZs within their region will have. For further information on the Impact Assessment please read the MCZ project Impact Assessment factsheet.

Once the regional project site recommendations, impact assessment and Natural England and JNCC’s advice has been received, Ministers will consider the supporting evidence before deciding which sites to take forward for designation. A public consultation will be held in 2012 before sites are designated.

Further information on the MCZ Project can be found on JNCC and Natural England websites.


Through this interactive map you can see the recommendations made by the regional MCZ projects in September 2011 and some of the data used to inform these decisions. The ‘View’ tab provides the set of data layers including the boundaries of the recommended MCZs. The data available on this map is currently undergoing a review and will eventually contain more of the data used by the regional MCZ projects in identifying and selecting MCZs for recommendation.


Please click here to download the data for the rMCZ boundaries. Please be careful to read the terms and conditions provided before proceeding with the download.

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Through MCZ Interactive Map you can see different information layers. Use the map controls to locate zoom and pan and the tick boxes to choose the data that you want to display.
Note: Stakeholder data cannot be compared between the project areas.Help


Help the regional MCZ project teams plan and recommend Marine Conservation Zones by adding information to the map using the buttons below.

All information you add will only be visible to you and the regional MCZ project teams. Information input into the MCZ interactive map following the 22nd of November 2010 will be collected by JNCC and Natural England as partners in the MCZ Project, rather than the regional MCZ projects themselves. We expect that data input into the MCZ Interactive map following 22nd November 2010 will be used for the following purposes by the regional MCZ projects:

1. To develop impact assessments
2. To map international stakeholder activities; and
3. To inform the narrative associated with the final MCZ recommendations.

JNCC and Natural England will endeavour to ensure relevant new data are considered within the MCZ Project, and that the principle of using the best available evidence is followed. We thank you for your participation in this process.


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This project has been jointly funded by Defra, Natural England and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. For more information on the marine programmes in these organisations click on the logos below.

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