Sustainable development policy

Working together to protect the public and working together to protect the environment.

Green issues are at the forefront of all our lives today. We want the Home Office, including its agencies, to be recognised as a green organisation in the way we do our business.

What's the objective?

We want to reduce the impacts of our work on the environment, and particularly to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

How do we show progress?

We are currently measured annually on two main areas:

  • our energy and water consumption, and the amount of waste we produce (together with the proportion we recycle)
  • driving environmental awareness with our suppliers

What's the plan?

As an organisation we are committed to, in our work:

  • reducing and measuring carbon dioxide emissions from all forms of business-related travel, for example by promoting the use of video and phone conferencing or (where travel is essential) encouraging the use of public transport or providing a fuel efficient fleet
  • working collaboratively with our suppliers, staff and stakeholders to ensure that we are all aware of our commitments and are proactive in helping the Home Office meet its targets.

In our workplace:

  • reducing and measuring wasted energy and water through improved building and facilities management, and smarter information technology
  • reducing and measuring the volume of waste generated; and reusing and recycling as much material as possible (including refurbishment and construction projects)

What outcomes will we deliver?

By adhering to our commitments, we will:

  • reduce waste and cut costs
  • reduce our carbon footprint
  • improve our reputation
  • deliver better value for money – for the department and for the public
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