The Home Office is embracing the increased use of technology to conduct its business.

Such technology includes:

  • an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system covering the Procure-through-to-Pay processes
  • a web based solution for electronic sourcing (eSourcing)
  • the Government Procurement Card (GPC)¬†for low value transactions


eSourcing enables our suppliers and us to use secure web-based tools to conduct strategic activities including tendering, evaluation and contract management. The eSourcing portal enables users to:

  • register and express an interest in a procurement opportunity
  • participate in tendering activities, downloading, completing and submitting proposals

To register with us, view procurement opportunities and tender to us online, go to the Home Office eSourcing Portal.

If you want to know more details about esourcing, please contact us.

Procure to Pay

The Home Office use the Procure to Pay process within the Enterprise Resource Planning system.

This system records and manages:

  • requisitions
  • purchase orders
  • framework agreements
  • receipt of goods, services and capital works
  • invoices
  • payments

As a supplier, you should be aware of our important information about purchase orders, invoices and payment terms.

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