ARCHIVE: Veterinary surveillance: Rapid Analysis & Detection of Animal-related Risks (RADAR)

RADAR logoRADAR stands for Rapid Analysis and Detection of Animal-related Risks. It is a new information management system, which has been developed to collect and collate veterinary surveillance data from many different sources around the UK. It provides specialist tools for the analysis of surveillance data and publishes reports highlighting the risks and distribution of veterinary threats to the public and animal health and welfare. Select one of the links below to find out more about RADAR itself, the data RADAR holds at present and will hold in the future or to access our latest surveillance reports.

  • RADAR Project - Find out more about the RADAR project - what RADAR is, what it can do and how it is will evolve in the future.
  • Surveillance Reports - Access our latest reports on the diseases and conditions we are looking for.
  • Surveillance Data - Find out more about what information RADAR currently holds, what data will be brought into RADAR in the next phase of development, what our data sharing policy will be and how researchers can apply for an extract of data.

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Page last modified: February 18, 2010

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