Frequently Asked Questions

What is People's Question Time?
People's Question Time is a public meeting that allows Londoners to find out and ask what the Mayor and Assembly Members are doing for the Capital

Can I ask any question?
Yes. People's Question Time is a statutory event and part of the GLA Act 1999. The Mayor and London Assembly members can be questioned and held to account by Londoners.

Who attends People's Question Time?
The Mayor and elected London Assembly members

Where and how often do People's Question Time meetings happen?
Meetings are held twice a year, and they are held in different boroughs of London.

Should only the residents of the hosting borough attend the meeting?
No, People's Question Time is open to all Londoners

How can I get tickets for People's Question Time?
Ticket requests can be made as soon as we start to advertise the next meeting, which will be no later than six weeks before the event. You can register for early notification of meeting dates by completing the online notification form

Do I have to pay for tickets?
No, tickets are complementary

Why does my ticket not guarantee a seat?
As tickets are complementary some people request more then they need or do not attend the meeting. Therefore we issue more tickets than seats, to ensure we have full attendance in the venue. We do carefully consider how many extra tickets we send out for each event, but we recommend that you arrive early to avoid disappointment. Entry into the event is on a first come first serve basis. Doors to the event will open at 6.00pm

Why are ticket request lines closed?
Due to high demand we do reach the maximum number of tickets we can send out

If I don’t have a ticket can I still get in?
You are welcome to come along and wait in a returns queue at the venue. If there is availability in the hall we will allow those without a ticket entry from 6.50pm. Entry is not guaranteed. We will let people in the queue know as soon as possible if entry is likely.

What happens if I cannot get to ask my question?
If your question is not selected and answered you can write it down on the question forms provided at the event, or email your question to All questions submitted will get a written response within six weeks.

Will transcripts of the meeting be available?
Yes, we will publish a full transcript, an audio recording and a webcast of the event on our website for you to download. These will be posted the week after the meeting.