Investment & Performance Board 7 February 2012


Standing Items

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Minutes of Meeting held on 13 December 2011

4. RIG Decisions in Principle - Meeting held on 4 January 2012 (Part Reserved)

5. HIG Decisions in Principle - Meeting held on 21 December 2011 (Reserved) Oral update to be provided on the minutes of the 26 January 2012 HIG meeting

Projects for Review

6. Diversity Works for London (Amanda Coyle and Richard Barnes) (Reserved)

Investment Proposals

7. Project Oracle (Mat Ilic, Pam Chesters & Amanda Coyle) (Reserved)


8. GLA's European Social Fund (ESF) Youth Programme 2011-13 (Amanda Coyle & Pauline Daniyan) (Part Reserved)

Budget and Performance

9. Period 10 Project Performance Update (Pierre Coinde) (Part Reserved)

10 Projects Overview of Capital Projects and Design programmes transferred to GLA in December (Fiona Fletcher-Smith)


11. Prioritisation Outcome (Pierre Coinde)

Investment Proposals (continued)

12. Supplier Skills Team Funding Profile (Mark Kleinman) (Reserved)

13. Events for London Programme 2012/13 (Dan Ritterband)

14. CompeteFor (Martin Clarke) (Reserved)

15. Olympic & Non Olympic CPO Programmes (Peter Hopson) (Reserved)

Other (continued)

16. Royal Docks - Update (Reserved) (Stephen Kennard)

17. The London TLD (Kulveer Ranger) (Reserved)

18. London's Land and Properties (Doug Wilson) 

Note: Reserved papers are not published on the GLA's website as it is considered that they may be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

IPB 20120207 Minutes.pdf73.25 KB
IPB 20120207 Minutes.rtf254.88 KB
IPB20120207 08a ESF Programme Update.pdf36.37 KB
IPB20120207 08a ESF Programme Update.rtf205.31 KB
IPB20120207 09a Project Performance Period 10.pdf46.59 KB
IPB20120207 09a Project Performance Period 10.rtf259.25 KB
IPB20120207 09b Appendix B.pdf69.01 KB
IPB20120207 10a Capital Projects and Design.pdf48 KB
IPB20120207 10a Capital Projects and Design.rtf290.94 KB
IPB20120207 10b Appendix 2.pdf144.75 KB
IPB20120207 10b Appendix 2.rtf42.22 KB
IPB20120207 10c Appendix 3.pdf22.59 KB
IPB20120207 10c Appendix 3.rtf25.75 KB
IPB20120207 11 Project Prioritisation.pdf44.89 KB
IPB20120207 11 Project Prioritisation.rtf199.48 KB
IPB20120207 12 Supplier Skills.pdf25.47 KB
IPB20120207 12 Supplier Skills.rtf119.26 KB
IPB20120207 13a Events_Covering Report.pdf29.16 KB
IPB20120207 13a Events_Covering Report.rtf123.8 KB
IPB20120207 13c Appendix 1 EfL audience attendance 2011.pdf10.12 KB
IPB20120207 13d Appendix 2 Spons Revenue and No of Partners by Event.pdf9.14 KB
IPB20120207 13e Appendix 3 2011 event programme overview.pdf13.18 KB
IPB20120207 13f Appendix 4 proposed 2012-13 events programme - 3 areas.pdf13.15 KB
IPB20120207 18a London Land and Properties.pdf26.31 KB
IPB20120207 18a London Land and Properties.rtf110.89 KB
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