Fostering aspiration and opportunity in social rented housing

We are working to deliver more choice and better opportunities for tenants, and prospective tenants, of social rented homes.

London needs more homes – particularly in the social rented sector. Our research has identified that an extra 145,600 social rented homes are needed between 2007and 2017. Many of these social rented homes must be family- sized, to meet the requirements of overcrowded and homeless Londoners.

In July 2010, the Mayor published the London Overcrowding Action Plan, to help deliver the target in the London Housing Strategy to halve severe overcrowding in social housing in the capital by 2016.

Read the London Overcrowding Action Plan

The Mayor is working to provide many more social rented homes and ensure that social renting provides an opportunity to foster aspirations and gives support to those who need it. The ways he does this include:

Producing more social rented homes by

  • delivering 30,000 social rented homes by 2012

Providing for all by

  • ensuring that 42% of new social rented homes are family-sized
  • meeting the access, space and adaptability needs of disabled and older people
  • delivering 1,250 homes for people who need support where they live

Promoting opportunities by

  • halving the level of severe overcrowding in the social rented sector by 2016
  • encouraging better use to be made of existing social rented homes
  • reducing worklessness among social tenants
  • giving tenants more control and choice about where they live, improving both
    • tenure mobility – opportunities for social rented tenants to move to a private or intermediate home
    • geographical mobility – opportunities for social tenants to move to other parts of London and beyond.

Read the London Housing Strategy

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Of the 50,000 affordable homes we will deliver by 2012, 30,000 will be social rented.
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London Housing Strategy
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27 February, 2010
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Of the 50,000 affordable homes we will deliver by 2012, 30,000 will be social rented.

London Housing Strategy 27 February 2010