Working with central government to help Londoners improve their skills

We are working with the London Learning and Skills Council to equip Londoners with the skills they and London need.

Getting Londoners into work

Learning and Skills Councils (LSC) were set up by and are funded by central government. They aim to help adults get back into work, by equipping them with the skills required by public and private sector employers. To quote the LSC website:

"We have a single goal: to improve the skills of England's young people and adults to ensure we have a workforce of world-class standard."

There are Learning and Skills Councils all over the country. The LSC in London works in close partnership with the London Skills and Employment Board, which sets priorities and determines overall strategy.

Putting public money to work effectively

The LSEB handles the LSC's adult skills budget in London. In 2009-10, this amounted to £635 million. The LSEB strategy focuses on meeting the skills training needs of London adults (aged 19+). It looks to help particularly those in areas of low employment (including those on benefits), attempting to break entrenched cycles of low expectations, low skills and worklessness. The strategy determines LSC priorities in London, along with its budget allocation. The LSEB will also be reviewing the LSC's draft annual plans for London.

In April 2010, the LSC is going to be replaced by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), funding skills for those aged 19+, and the Young People's Learning Agency. These new agencies will offer support to local authorities, who will be taking over primary responsibility for securing sufficient education and training provision for all young people, including those aged 16-19, 19-25 year olds being assessed for learning difficulties and/or disability, and juveniles in custody.