London 2012 Poetry Competition Entries

London 2012 Poetry Competition Entries

Young Londoners were invited to send in their poems based on what they thought was great about the Games. We received over 2,000 poems, so a big thanks to everyone who entered.

The poems were sorted into three age groups (10-11, 12-13, 14-16) and judged by Emma Perry, Editor of Time Out Kids, Julia Donaldson, Children’s Laureate and young athlete Stephanie King.

The panel were very impressed by the standard of entries and chose 'The Champion's Story' by 15 year old Fope Jegede from Mill Hill, as their overall winner. Fope will receive an exclusive bus tour of the Olympic Park with up to 30 of her friends and family. Congratulations!

Three highly commended poems in each age group were also selected to receive a certificate plus Poetry Society Youth Membership:

  • 10-11 year old highly commended
    'London 2012' by Ciaran Powders, 11, from New Malden
  • 12-13 year old highly commended
    'The Burning Desire' by Tatjana Mandil, 12, from Leyton
  • 14-16 year old Highly Commended
    'Olympic Memories' by Jack Lewis, 14, from Hampton Hill

You can read Fope’s winning entry along with the highly commended poems and 11 other shortlisted poems in our poetry gallery.

Find out about all the fantastic events we’re putting on to celebrate Olympic year on our new website: It really will be a summer like to other!

by Fope Jegede (Overall winner)
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She was a little girl with a dream
Watching champions on the TV screen…

by Ciaran Powders (10-11 Years Highly Commended)
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Pulses racing,
Athletes pacing.

by Tatjana Mandil (12-13 Years Highly Commended)
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Running, running,
Running until it’s mind over feet

by Jack Lewis (14-15 Years Highly Commended)
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(Elderly man looks at a photo, remembering)
I see the runners, getting prepared.

by Hannah King (Shortlisted)
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Welcome to London, the host of the games,
Welcome to culture, from all over the world

by Paige Wilson, Heather Murray and Luke James (Shortlisted)
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I am the World!
I am water, trees and earth

by Alida Van Der Eems (Shortlisted)
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His heart was racing,
Though his feet stood still

by Holly Palmer (Shortlisted)
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Down in the Stadium where everybody goes,
the 2012 Olympians are stretching their toes.

by Sean N P (Shortlisted)
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Vest, socks, shorts, shoes, 239 is my number.
GB participant, it says on my sticker, today I wish for no thunder!

by Emelia Hughes (Shortlisted)
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Push, pull, leap, throw,
Jump, dive, swim, row

by Freya Alexander (Shortlisted)
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The Olympics are coming to London
A city filled with delight

by Callum Stoddart (Shortlisted)
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Fifteen hundred years have past,
The modern Olympics are here at last.

by Yann-Zein Checri (Shortlisted)
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Down he looked from his stormy cloud,
Zeus, the God of Thunder and storms

by Alexandra Otubanjo (Shortlisted)
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A bright blue ink stroke
Runs through the middle of the grainy page

by Annabelle Hondier (Shortlisted)
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As the flags are waved,
And the crowds cheer.