Meeting the challenges of climate change

Hotter, drier summers and warmer, wetter winters - climate change is creating more extreme weather that, in turn, presents ever bigger risks and challenges for London. Moreover, as London continues to grow so do the consequences of extreme weather events. We’re planning ahead to manage these risks and meet the challenges.

Hotter and drier and warmer and wetter

The summers are set to get hotter – by an estimated 1.6°C in the 2020s and 2.7°C in the 2050s. They are also getting drier – by an estimated 7% in the 20020s and 19% in the 2050s.

The winters by contrast will get warmer and wetter – 6% wetter in the 2020s and 14% in the 2050s.

In London we face three major challenges as a result of this changing climate and weather:

  • flooding
  • drought
  • heatwaves.

To ensure we stay on top of the threats, we are responding to each challenge with a set of management measures that form part of the London Plan.

Find out more about our plans to adapt to London's changing climate.