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The vision for the London Operational Programme (OP) is to promote sustainable, environmentally efficient growth in London, capitalising on London's innovation and knowledge resources. It focuses on promoting social inclusion through extending economic opportunities to communities, in areas where this is most needed.

The London OP will not work in isolation but will complement other London strategies such as the Mayor's Economic Development Strategy (EDS). It will build on the success of the 2000–2006 London European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme within the context of the European Union Lisbon agenda for jobs and growth.

There are four main priorities, each with specific themes:

Priority 1: Business innovation and research and promoting eco-efficiency

The objective of this Priority is to improve the capacity of London's businesses, particularly its small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and to innovate through developing new products, processes and services, leading to increased growth, competitiveness and improved environmental performance.

The programme will also assist London's extensive knowledge base to create new commercial opportunities and effectively exploit new ideas. The two core themes identified under this Priority are to:

  • develop a culture of, and capacity for, creating and using innovation throughout London's businesses to create sustainable economic growth
  • leverage value from London's world-class knowledge base to benefit London’s economy.

Priority 2: Access to new markets and access to finance

The activities under this investment theme will focus on:

  • the strategic barriers to growth faced by SMEs and entrepreneurs in understanding and accessing new markets (particularly in rapidly growing emerging markets)
  • building on London's strong global links
  • raising finances and developing start ups, including environmental improvement.

Priority 3: Sustainable places for business

The main objective of this Priority is to improve the competitiveness of economically and socially deprived areas of London and to secure their long-term regeneration.

This will be achieved through supporting the development of high-quality working environments and low/zero carbon employment sites and premises .

There will be a focus on encouraging clusters of businesses particularly green businesses, such as those supported under Priority 1 and 2, and on demonstration projects to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses.

See the JESSICA pages for more information.

Priority 4: Technical assistance

The two core themes identified under this Priority are to:

  • support, develop and enhance the management of the London Operational Programme
  • strengthen the implementation of the London ERDF Operational Programme priorities.

ERDF cross-cutting themes

The London ERDF Operational Programme aims to make a positive difference to the lives of people living and working in London by integrating three cross-cutting themes alongside the economic development goals that are the primary focus for the Programme:

  • sustainable development
  • equalities
  • environmental sustainability.

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