Investing in culture

“Arts and culture are not a luxury, they are part of this city's DNA, its USP. It is why people want to live and work here and seven out of ten tourists say it is a reason for their visit. At a time of recession it is more important than ever to invest in the arts. We need to support new talent and those creative individuals whose innovation will ensure London remains dynamic and successful”. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London


We work in close partnership with many cultural agencies. The London Cultural Strategy Group (LCSG) coordinates these relationships. It also helps to develop and deliver the Mayor’s Cultural Strategy – his vision for London’s culture and arts. Sign up to the LCSG and Mayor of London newsletter for updates on culture in the capital and 2012-related activities.

Major new developments for London

A number of major new developments are taking place in London’s arts and cultural landscape. Examples include the Tate Modern extension and the British Film Institute’s National Centre. These large-scale projects have a mixture of private and public funding. They are fully supported by the Mayor as they will become vital cultural resources to our city, and country.

Investing in the public realm

In November 2009, the Mayor demonstrated his support for good urban design in his manifesto paper, 'London’s Great Spaces' and associated documents, 'Better Streets' and 'Better Green and Water Spaces'. Taken together, these provide both a vision and practical guidance for how the GLA, working with the boroughs, can revitalise London’s public spaces, be it parks, squares, waterways or streets. The GLA group has also committed £220m investment in urban realm improvement projects across the city to meet these objectives.

Young people and talent

London is rightly famous for its innovation in culture and the arts. We need to keep investing in the talent of our young people to make sure this remains the case. We are absolutely committed to opening up different cultural opportunities to young Londoners of all backgrounds.

Major GLA projects

We run a stimulating programme of cultural projects, festivals and campaigns. Trafalgar Square, one of London’s most iconic public spaces, is managed by the GLA and is often a focal point for events.


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