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Since his election in May 2008, Mayor of London Boris Johnson has delivered the following to make the work of the GLA more transparent to Londoners:

Open data

The GLA's data is now published on London's Datastore for the public to use as they see fit, free of charge. The GLA continues to work on making the Datastore the most comprehensive source of data relating to London and the services delivered by its public sector organisations.

Question time

The Mayor of London is legally required to hold two 'People’s Question Time' events a year. Since May 2008, he has increased his accountability to Londoners by holding an additional two to four public consultation meetings per year around the capital on a range of issues including transport, the environment, the Olympics, young people and business.

Accountable advisors

The Mayor can appoint up to 12 people to advise him in City Hall. When elected, he made a commitment that City Hall would be as open and transparent as possible. So for starters, he introduced a tough new code of conduct for Mayoral appointees which includes publishing on this website their personal details, salary, register of interests and expenses. It’s all to make it easier for you to scrutinise not only our work, but the people charged with doing it too.

Open finances

The Mayor lowered the threshold at which GLA spending must be publicly reported, initially to £1,000 and in summer 2010 to £500 (including VAT). This means you can now access information about a much larger proportion of our public expenditure.

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There has been no increase in the GLA share of council tax over the last two years.
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There has been no increase in the GLA share of council tax over the last two years.