Who Runs London

It’s about everyone working together to change London for the better

We have our own unique way of running London. It involves a number of key players with different roles and responsibilities and a shared commitment to making London the best city in the world.

Above all, it’s Londoners who run London. From the everyday things, such as thinking of others during the rush hour crush, to the less frequent opportunities, such as voting for the Mayor once every four years – it’s what we all do and don’t do that above all determines how our great city is run.

The Greater London Authority (GLA)

The GLA is a strategic authority with a London-wide role to design a better future for the capital. We support the work of the Mayor, helping his office to develop and deliver strategies for London. And we support the London Assembly in their role of scrutinising the work of the Mayor and representing the interests of Londoners. We work closely together to improve pretty much every aspect of London.

The Mayor

The Mayor of London is responsible for the strategic development of London. The Mayor sets the vision for how to make London an even greater city and develops strategies and policies and encourages and backs action to realise that vision. The Mayor holds the executive power of the GLA.

The London Assembly

The role of the London Assembly is to examine the Mayor’s actions, holding the Mayor to account, and to investigate matters that are important to London, representing the interests of Londoners. There are 25 elected Assembly Members, elected every 4 years.

London boroughs

The 32 London Boroughs and the City Corporation of London are responsible for managing the London Boroughs, and for the on-the-ground delivery of public services across London. The Mayor works closely with the Boroughs to deliver on his strategic vision for London, funding initiatives in every Borough in London.

Central government

The Government Office for London (GOL) is the organisation through which Central Government engages with local and regional government agencies in London. The Mayor uses his profile and influence to lobby central government on issues that matter to Londoners and London, protecting our great city’s interests.