Get involved in London

Summer like no other


Events, festivals, city celebrations, workshops, seminars, public meetings, debates, working in your community, being part of London 2012 -  there is so much you can get involved in!

A summer like no other

London will host a summer like no other in 2012 and the Mayor is presenting a huge programme of free events and happenings not just during Games time but in the build up too! Find out more at

Festivals and celebrations

Find out about festivals and celebrations, including New Year's Eve.

Workshops and conferences

We recently held the London schools and our children conference, at which the Mayor outlined his strategies to improve educational outcomes for black children in London. Find out more about the London schools and our children conference.


Many of the Mayor's strategy documents are published for consultation, inviting comments from stakeholders and the public, before the policies are finalised.

Public Meetings

There are regular meetings held at City Hall, including meetings of the London Assembly and its committees, which the public are welcome to attend.

Volunteering - Team London

The feel good factor ... ever thought about volunteering? It's good for you (it can help you gain new skills), it's good for the community (everyone needs a bit of help from time to time) and it's good for London. Our Team London programme will make volunteering in London even easier to do and easier to find out about!

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