New bus for London

New bus for London

Watch a short film about the New Bus for London which launches in 2012.

Increasing London's airport capacity


The Mayor has published a report putting forward the economic and business case for building a new hub airport to serve London and the South East.

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Tube train

One of those eternally perplexing events for rail and Tube commuters is delays caused by leaves on the line. How can a large piece of metal machinery weighing many tonnes be stopped by paper-thin leaves?

Electric car

Ahead of the launch of Source London, the Mayor’s charge point network, Steve Smith from TfL talks about turning London electric...

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

The Mayor on why providing additional air capacity in the South East is absolutely essential to London and the UK's economy.

Road closed sign

From permit schemes to our proposed lane rental plans, find out how we're tackling road works in London.

Get involved

We want Londoners to get involved in our work and in their communities.

19 March 2012

27 March 2012

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