Working for London and for Londoners

The GLA works for London and our staff are at the centre of long-term planning and development for our great city across a broad range of priority areas that touch on all aspects of life in London.  

A world-class city needs a world-class team

While we are a strategic authority, the GLA also delivers a diverse range of initiatives on the ground to ensure that those strategies translate into real benefits for Londoners.   To do so, we need a world-class team.

A range of opportunities

Jobs at the GLA include policy and strategy development opportunities across our priority areas but also in disciplines required to keep any major organisation running including Finance, IT, Facilities Management, Security and HR to name just a few.

All of our opportunities are advertised on our Current vacancies page.

Fair pay

The GLA supports the principal of ‘fair pay ratios’. We have conducted various studies on the impact of fair pay policies, such as the London Living Wage, on businesses. These studies found clear evidence that employers benefit across a wide range of areas - recruitment and retention, improved worker morale, motivation, productivity and reputational impacts of being an ethical employer.

The highest and lowest GLA salaries are listed below:

Highest paid salary: £165,000
Salary of apprentices: £15,969 (based on the London Living Wage)
Lowest paid salary: £22,024

(as at March 2012)


London’s diversity is its biggest asset and we will strive to ensure our workforce reflects London’s diversity at all levels. In order to make this a reality, we have a number of policies to encourage and proactively support the development of various equality groups and ensure we can do everything possible to combat discrimination. Our assessments demonstrate our commitment to equality throughout the HR function and also provides evidence that we have paid due regard of the tenets set out in the General Equality Duty of the Equality Act 2010.

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