It's the people who live and work here who run London.

7.5 million Londoners - one great city

There are over 7.5 million of us in London with more arriving every year. Together we make the city and it’s the things we do and don’t do that determine, more than anything or anyone else, how well our city is run.

  • Things like the way we behave with each other from day to day – simple civility during the rush hour crush, for example. 
  • Things like playing a part in our communities – from taking the time to say hello to our neighbours to volunteering.
  • Things like having your say and suggesting improvements locally and Londonwide, for example through the public meetings the Mayor holds every year.
  • Things like voting for the Mayor and London Assembly, holding them to account, and standing as a candidate – all in support of our collective aim to change London for the better and make it the greatest city in the world.

Voting and standing as a candidate

If you’re 18 or over, live in London and are registered to vote, you can vote in the London local elections. These include elections for your local borough council, the Mayor and the London Assembly.

Elections for the Mayor and London Assembly take place every four years. The next elections will be in 2012.

You can also stand as a candidate for Mayor, the Assembly or a borough council. Find out more about casting your vote and standing as a candidate at London Elects.

The GLA has produced two Transition guide documents, for potential candidates and City Hall staff, to ensure any handover of power following the next GLA elections is swift, smooth and effective.

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