Your legal obligations and rights when renting, buying or owning a home, plus information about Council Tax, what to do if you're homeless and where to get help if you have a housing dispute.

Buying and selling a home

  1. Home ownership schemes
  2. Registering land or property with Land Registry
  3. Right to Buy
  4. Stamp Duty Land Tax rates

Council and housing association homes

  1. Appeal against your council's housing decision
  2. Apply for council housing
  3. Apply for sheltered housing
  4. Apply to swap homes through your council
  5. Council and housing association evictions
  6. Council housing
  7. Garden maintenance for elderly or disabled council tenants
  8. Housing association homes
  9. Request a repair to a council property
  10. Your rights to housing if you're under 18

Council Tax

  1. Apply for Council Tax Benefit
  2. Apply for a Council Tax discount
  3. Council Tax
  4. Council Tax Benefit
  5. Council Tax appeals
  6. Council Tax arrears
  7. Council Tax bands
  8. Pay your Council Tax

Emergency housing

  1. Apply for emergency housing from your council
  2. Emergency housing if you're homeless

Housing benefits, grants and schemes

  1. Appeal a Housing Benefit decision
  2. Apply for Housing Benefit from your council
  3. Apply for equipment for your home if you're disabled
  4. Budgeting Loans
  5. Community Care Grants
  6. Crisis Loans
  7. Housing Benefit
  8. Mortgage Rescue Scheme
  9. Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI)

Housing problems and issues

  1. Asbestos in your home
  2. Housing tribunals
  3. How to resolve neighbour disputes
  4. If you find asbestos in your home
  5. Report a pest problem
  6. Repossession
  7. Squatting and the law

Local council services

  1. Find out about pest control
  2. Report a blocked drain
  3. Report a problem with a street name sign

Planning and building

  1. Apply for a dropped kerb
  2. Apply for building regulations approval from your council
  3. Apply to do work on your home if you're in a conservation area
  4. Building regulations approval
  5. Planning permission
  6. Scaffolding rules
  7. Search the register of planning decisions

Refuse and disposal

  1. Apply for special collection of large waste items
  2. Dispose of garden waste
  3. Find out your rubbish collection day
  4. Get a skip permit
  5. Hazardous waste disposal
  6. Recycling collections
  7. Request clinical waste collection

Renting a home

  1. Leasehold property
  2. Private renting
  3. Private renting: evictions
  4. Private renting: tenancy agreements
  5. Rent a room in your home
  6. Tenancy deposit protection

Your home

  1. Apply to work on a tree that's protected
  2. Changing your property's boundary
  3. Check the quality of your drinking water
  4. Feed-in Tariffs: get money for generating your own electricity
  5. Garden bonfires - the rules
  6. Get a free or discounted TV licence
  7. Park (mobile) homes


  1. Buying or selling your home