Find out about the laws for getting married/civil partnerships, the process of divorce and separation, parental leave, how to adopt a child, and more.

Adoption and fostering

  1. Adoption records
  2. Apply to adopt a child through your council
  3. Apply to foster a child through your council
  4. Child adoption
  5. Foster carers
  6. Leaving foster or local authority care
  7. Statutory Adoption Pay


  1. After school and holiday clubs
  2. Apply for a replacement Child Trust Fund voucher
  3. Apply for short-term care for your child
  4. Child Benefit
  5. Child Benefit and 16-19 year olds
  6. Child Benefit if a child or parent dies
  7. Child Benefit if your child doesn't live with you
  8. Child Benefit number
  9. Child Benefit rates
  10. Childcare out of school hours
  11. Childcare vouchers - better off calculator
  12. Claim Child Benefit on behalf of someone else
  13. Find your local Family Information Service (FIS)
  14. Get a police check on someone involved with a child
  15. Guardian's Allowance
  16. Help if you have a disabled child
  17. Help with childcare costs
  18. Manage Child Benefit payments
  19. Sure Start Children's Centres
  20. When Child Benefit stops

Death and bereavement

  1. Bereavement Allowance
  2. Bereavement Payment
  3. Find bereavement services from your council
  4. Finding a person's will
  5. Funeral Payments
  6. Making a will
  7. Ownerless property (bona vacantia)
  8. Telling DVLA about a bereavement
  9. Valuing the estate of someone who's died
  10. What to do after someone dies
  11. Who inherits if someone dies without a will?
  12. Widowed Parent's Allowance
  13. Wills, probate and inheritance

Divorce and separation

  1. Annul a marriage
  2. Contact with your grandchild if their parents divorce or separate
  3. End a civil partnership
  4. Get a copy of a decree absolute or final order
  5. Get a divorce
  6. Get a legal separation
  7. Looking after children if you divorce or separate
  8. Money and property when a relationship ends
  9. Stop your ex-partner getting your child a passport

Marriage and civil partnership

  1. Marriages and civil partnerships
  2. Married Couple's Allowance
  3. Stop a forced marriage

Maternity and paternity

  1. Healthy Start
  2. Maternity Allowance
  3. Maternity Leave
  4. Maternity pay entitlement
  5. Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay
  6. Paternity Leave
  7. Planning your Maternity Leave
  8. Planning your paternity Leave
  9. Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)
  10. Sure Start Maternity Grant

Mental capacity and the law

  1. Apply to the Court of Protection
  2. Become a deputy
  3. Court Funds Office processes
  4. Find out if someone has an attorney or deputy acting for them
  5. Lasting Power of Attorney
  6. Report a concern about an attorney or deputy


  1. Chaperone service for child actors
  2. Disabled parents
  3. Find a local support group for children, young people and families
  4. Find a nursery school place
  5. Parental leave
  6. Parental rights and responsibilities
  7. The law on leaving your child home alone
  8. What is a care order?

Registering life events

  1. Applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate
  2. Change your name (by deed poll)
  3. Order a copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate
  4. Register a birth
  5. Register a stillbirth
  6. Registry offices


  1. Adoption Leave