7 Para RHA Batteries

V Parachute Battery
F (Sphinx) Parachute Battery - The history of the battery dates back to 1800 when a troop of the Bengal Horse Artillery was first formed to accompany the expedition to Egypt that year. Between 1801 and 1817 the Troop saw active service in Egypt, the Mahratta War, the Ghurkha War and finally the Siege of Hathras.

After fighting in the first Burma War from 1824-26, the Troop found itself involved in the famous retreat from Kabul (1842) during the Afghan Campaign and it was during this retreat that all the guns were lost.  The present day battery is now proud possessor of one of these guns which was recaptured during the Second Afghan War (1878/1880). In the last year of the campaign, preparatory to the final assault on Ghuzni, a vital communications link with Kabul, the troops fought a magnificent action in the village of Ahmed Khel, where, forming a protective shield, the guns routed the initial onslaught of the enemy.  Thus the main force was given time to deploy and so the day was saved. Two of the original guns were found in the fort of Ghuzni. This particular action of Ahmed Khel is now celebrated yearly by the present battery on 19th April when current operations allow

The battery is currently deployed in Afghanistan in support of 16 Air Assault Brigade on Operation HERRICK 13 returning in April 2011. The deployed elements of the battery have been busy in Afghanistan. The gun line deployed on Artillery Hill and they have been mentoring Afghan gunners in the basics of gunnery. The Forward Observers hit the ground with their companies and have conducted patrols and operations in order to increase the security of the local population.
G Parachute Battery (Mercer's Troop) - was formed in 1801 at Mallow in Ireland and was moved to Woolwich in 1807 where, led by Captain Frazier RHA, it was involved in the recapture of Buenos Aires, in South America. 
In June 1961 F, G and I Batteries broke with their traditional role of cavalry support and became Parachute Artillery, based in Aldershot. The battery Equipped with 105mm Pack Howitzers, saw action in Bahrain, Aden, Cyprus as part of the UN Peace Keeping Force and in Northern Ireland in 70 and 72-74.

The battery is currently deployed in Afghanistan with the Regiment on Operation HERRICK 13 with 16 Air Assault Brigade supporting the 2 PARA Battlegroup and will be returning in April 2011.

H Parachute/Headquarters Battery (Ramsay's Troop)

I Parachute Battery (Bull's Troop) - was raised at Colchester on 1st February 1805. In August of that year Captain Robert Bull assumed command of the battery and continued to do so until 1821. It was after Captain Bull that the Troop was named.

The Battery is currently deployed again in Afghanistan in support of 16 Air Assault Brigade on Operation HERRICK 13 returning in April 2011.