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29 September 2011

Commitment to widening participation continues

HEFCE and the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) have today (29 September 2011) published a joint report on our monitoring of widening participation strategic assessments and access agreements for 2009-10.

The report, 'Access agreement and widening participation strategic assessment monitoring: Outcomes for 2009-10' (HEFCE 2011/29) is available on the OFFA web-site.

It shows that institutions continued to demonstrate their commitment to widening participation in 2009-10 by committing financial resources and delivering activity across the student lifecycle.

As we move into the new fees and funding regime from 2012, HEFCE will continue to work with OFFA to promote widening participation and fair access. We will monitor the effects of the new financial system and other changes with the aim of ensuring that people with the potential to benefit from successful participation in higher education have the opportunity to do so.