We’ve now made an announcement on our retail Red Tape Challenge plans. Visit our news page here to find out more. A spreadsheet of the 257 retail regulations, showing which ones the Government is proposing to change is available here.

To make things simpler we’ve divided the regulations into topics. Click through the links to let us know what you think:

Consumer information

These regulations are designed to protect the rights of consumers, both before and after they purchase goods.

Restricted goods

These regulations aim to protect members of the public from potentially dangerous
goods and stop the sale of certain goods to children.

Weights & measures

These regulations are designed to give consumers reassurance over the quantities they are purchasing.


These regulations aim to protect the consumer and ensure that the UK jewellery industry operates to high standards.

Vehicles, parts & fuel

These regulations aim to ensure that vehicles using the road are safe, clean and quiet, and to provide information to motorists about fuels and fuel efficiency.

Trading with the enemy

These regulations were made during and after the Second World War to restrict or re-allow trading with certain countries.

Trading requirements

These regulations are designed to ensure that goods are kept and traded in suitable premises, by registered people keeping the proper records. They also cover selling goods on the street.

Sunday trading

These regulations relate to the hours that retailers are allowed to open on Sundays and on Christmas Day. They restrict larger shops to a maximum of 6 hours trading.

This site is designed to promote open discussion of ways in which the aims of existing regulation can be fulfilled in the least burdensome way possible. The presence of a particular regulation or law on this website should not be read as implying any intention on the part of the Government to remove that regulation or law from the statute book. The purpose of this exercise is to open government up to the public.

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