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The BIS Application Programming Interface (API)

The BIS API allows developers to view and reuse content from the website and other websites sharing this platform. This can be either a syndicated feed or XML, simply by appending the correct term to the end of a page URL.

This is an experimental feature that we intend to evolve over time, with feedback from developers.

Using the API

The available syndication formats are RSS and Atom.

The data will be returned when the pages are requested with the correct URL format:

The syndication format content provides the URL information that a developer would require to request each of the listed individual pages, in XML format. 

The API also supports JSON.

Supported pages

The API provides syndication-format (RSS) exposure of the following landing pages, with XML-format exposure of the listed items:

Additionally, individual XML-format output is available for generic page content items (e.g.

Terms of use

You may use and re-use the information featured on this website (not including logos) free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

By using the BIS Application Programming Interface (API) you are agreeing to the data usage terms and conditions and code of conduct outlined on the Government's website for use of information and data. (These include reference to Crown Copyright).

The BIS website is updated regularly, so it's important that members of the public do not rely on old, cached content. Applications should therefore provide an easy way for users to refresh required data, ideally without incurring large data-roaming charges when they are travelling. Please check the BIS privacy, freedom of information, and copyright pages for more guidance.

In addition, data users must:

  • Use the following copyright line: "Contains BIS data © Crown copyright and database right"
  • Accredit the syndication feed to BIS and link to the BIS website (the original information source)
  • If mashing BIS content with other non-Crown Copyright material, clearly state that which is official Crown Copyright material and that which is from other sources
  • Agree not to suggest, directly or indirectly, BIS's (or its Government partners') endorsement or approval of you, any service you create, or any views expressed within your site or service

As this is a pilot BIS can provide no guarantees on the reliability of the syndication web service.

These terms of use are subject to change and you should check back periodically for updates.

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We would also appreciate your feedback on our API, and any suggestions you might have for improving it.