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Once the consultation deadline has passed and we have analysed the responses, we will publish the Government Response. We aim to do this within three months of the date the consultation closed.

Details of consultations run before June 2009 can be found on the National Archives website.

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  • Consultation - Proposal for a Directive on Recreational Craft and Personal Watercraft

    Consultation period: 11 Nov 2011 to 11 Feb 2012

    This consultation seeks views on the European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on Recreational Craft and Personal Watercraft.

  • Call for evidence - On EU proposals on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

    Consultation period: 21 Dec 2011 to 31 Jan 2012

    This Call for Evidence seeks views from UK stakeholders on recent proposals from the European Commission on consumer alternative dispute resolution. In summary, the Commission argue that all EU consumers should be able to solve their problems without going to court, regardless of the kind of product or service that the contractual dispute is about and regardless of where they bought it in the European Single Market. In addition, for consumers shopping online and from another EU country, the Commission want to create an EU-wide single online platform which will allow contractual disputes to be solved entirely online and within 30 days. The proposals are likely to impact UK consumers, businesses and organisations that currently provide alternative dispute resolution services. Views are sought on the likely scale of these impacts. Views received will help form the UK’s negotiating position.

  • Call for evidence – Collective Redundancy Consultation Rules

    Consultation period: 23 Nov 2011 to 31 Jan 2012

    With this Call for Evidence we are keen to establish the advantages and disadvantages of the current rules on collective redundancy consultation. We want to find out what effect they have on business confidence and flexibility to respond effectively and appropriately to market opportunities and challenges. We want to understand the challenges for business in pursuing collective redundancy consultation – including the barriers to starting consultation and achieving agreement. We also want to explore the issues for employees – including the ability to engage meaningfully with their employer during a consultation and the ability to find and secure alternative employment or training, should that prove necessary.

  • Financial Reporting Council Reform

    Consultation period: 18 Oct 2011 to 10 Jan 2012

    A consultation paper seeking views on proposed reforms to the structure of the Financial Reporting Council has been published. Responses due by 10 January 2012.

  • Audit Exemptions and Change of Accounting Framework: Consultation and Summary of Responses

    Consultation period: 06 Oct 2011 to 29 Dec 2011

    Consultation on changing audit exemptions for small companies and subsidiaries to remove gold plating, and to allow companies to change their accounting framework.

  • Mutualisation of the Post Office

    Consultation period: 19 Sep 2011 to 12 Dec 2011

    Consultation that explores what a mutual Post Office Ltd might look like. It seek feedback for more clarity on the issues that the Government would need to take into account before mutualisation could be achieved.

  • The future of narrative reporting: a further consultation

    Consultation period: 19 Sep 2011 to 25 Nov 2011

    Consultation paper seeking views on issues relating to corporate narrative reporting.

  • The Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long-Term Decision Making

    Consultation period: 15 Sep 2011 to 18 Nov 2011

    On 22 June 2011, the Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable, announced that Professor John Kay would undertake an independent review to examine investment in UK equity markets and its impact on the long-term performance and governance of UK quoted companies. On 15th September 2011, Professor Kay launched the review’s call for evidence which builds on the previously published terms of reference, and set out a range of issues and questions on which we sought evidence. The review published its Interim Report, summarising the responses to the call for evidence on 29 February 2012. The review will publish its Final Report in summer 2012.

  • Revision of the Industrial Development Act 1982

    Consultation period: 20 Jul 2011 to 02 Nov 2011

    This consultation aims to gather views on the desirability of revising the IDA to update some of its provisions to reflect current economic realities. In the government’s view there are several outdated requirements in the Act, which have stood unchanged since 1982.

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