Regulatory Enforcement – why we’re here

Sometimes it is the enforcement of regulation, and the inspection of compliance, that creates greater burdens on businesses and individuals than the regulations themselves. We want to find out about your experiences of enforcement and regulators:

A large number of organisations and individuals play a part in securing compliance. Businesses, individuals and other organisations have the primary responsibility for meeting their obligations under the law, but a number of agencies from the public and private sectors also play a role. National regulators cover many areas of modern life including nuclear safety, pensions, human rights and equalities. Meanwhile, local authorities enforce the law in areas like food safety, under-age sales, and consumer protections. Professional bodies (like the Chartered Institutes) oversee standard for their members, whilst Trade associations often provide a service to businesses in the form of regulatory advice and guidance.

We want to simplify and improve the existing landscape and give businesses, individuals and other organisations an opportunity to drive change on the basis of their experience. We plan to review whether enforcement functions for specific sectors are still fit for purpose, whether they could be delivered in more effective ways, and whether all existing regulators are still needed.

Share your experiences of enforcement and regulators using the comment link below. In particular we are interested in:

Your comments will be read by Ministers, and will feed into the enforcement proposals to be published later this Autumn. For more information see the Transforming Regulatory Enforcement: Discussion Paper


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