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Partner organisations

BIS is supported by a wide range of partner organisations in delivering its strategic priorities. Our partners provide services, information and advice to the Department and directly to a wide range of people and organisations. We have nine executive agencies: Companies House, The Insolvency Service, the Intellectual Property Office, the Land Registry, the Met Office, the National Measurement Office, Ordnance Survey the Skills Funding Agency and the UK Space Agency. Read about how we make public appointments. See also the BIS Public Bodies Directory 2010

Advisory NDPB

  • Council for Science and Technology

    To advise the Prime Minister and the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales on strategic issues that cut across the responsibilities of individual government departments. CST organises its work around five broad themes (research, science and society, education, science and government, and technology innovation) and takes a medium to longer term approach.

  • Industrial Development Advisory Board (IDAB)

    The IDAB advises Ministers on applications from companies who are proposing to undertake capital investment projects in the Assisted Areas in England and have applied for financial assistance under the Grant for Business Investment scheme.

  • Low Pay Commission (LPC)

    The LPC advises Government about the National Minimum Wage and makes recommendations including rate recommendations, taking into account the impact on the economy. It has a long-term research programme including fact-finding visits to all parts of the country.

  • Union Modernisation Fund Supervisory Board (UMF)

    The UMF provided financial assistance to independent trade unions and their federations in support of innovative modernisation projects which contributed to transformational change in the organisational effectiveness of unions.

    The Board was abolished in July 2010.  No further rounds will be held of the Union Modernisation Fund so the work of the Board is complete.

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