Work to repair Corbridge flood defences starts


Officers from the Environment Agency will be starting repair work to a flood defence in Corbridge today to reduce the risk of flooding.

The work will involve repairing a flood embankment at The Stanners. The bank has slumped in parts and has been damaged by erosion and rabbits burrowing in it, making it unstable.

The flood bank protects 75 properties from flooding from the River Tyne. It also protects the County Show Ground, Corbridge Cricket Club, Tynedale Park Rugby Club and access to the railway station.

Officers will be working on a 350 metre stretch of the flood bank running next to the cricket and rugby club. They will be removing all of the undergrowth, cutting down some trees and moving earth to repair the bank.

Terry Robson, from the Environment Agency, said: “The flood bank at Corbridge has become damaged, and if we leave it, there is a risk that it could fail in a flood, so it is important we do this work to protect people and properties.”

The Environment Agency will also be repairing an old stone wall which is embedded in the bank.

During the works the public footpath along the toe of the bank will remain open for the local community to use, however access to the crest of the bank will be restricted while the work is done.

Work is expected to take around three weeks to complete at a cost of £28,000.