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Newid iaith: Cymraeg
4 March 2012
Biodiversity Action Reporting System
Bluebells in young coppice, Ham Street Woods NNR, Kent.  Photo courtesy of Stephen Davis/Natural England
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Welcome to BARS

BARS is the UK's Biodiversity Action Plan reporting system. It includes national, local and company Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) and the Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans of all four countries.

If you have a BARS username and password, login now to access the online data entry application or to generate reports tailored to your organisation or partnership.

If you do not have a BARS username, you can still access most of the information in BARS. Use the menus at the top of this page to learn about progress with Biodiversity Action Plans and country Biodiversity Strategies, the status of BAP species and habitats, or click on the map to find out about conservation action happening in your local area. Alternatively, click here for a more detailed description of the information available in BARS.

***** STOP PRESS *****

The big BARS switchover

We have been developing a new, sleeker BARS to better meet the needs of the biodiversity community. We can now confirm that the old system (you are looking at now) will be frozen at midday on Wednesday 14th March.

From that point it will no longer be possible to either add new data to the BARS database or edit data already within it. You will still be able to view data held in BARS in the normal way and all the existing reporting will continue to function..

We strongly recommend that you take any opportunity before the freeze to review your existing data in BARS to:

  1. Ensure the current system reflects a true picture of the current status and progress of your work, and,
  2. Take steps where you can to match it to the new data standard to ensure your actions become functional in the new system.

In summary, in order for an action in the current system to be accepted and function in the new system it must have:

  • A single spatial location
  • Be focussed on a single biodiversity feature (i.e. one habitat or species)
  • A lead organisation/individual
  • A start date
  • An amount and units (e.g. 10 hectares, or 3 instances)

Guidance on setting a spatial location is available here. Other aspects of editing data can be found in the help guides on the BARS website. For entering amounts and units, see the action goals section of the adding and editing actions guidance.

Well formed actions will be imported into the new BARS system. We will also transfer actions that don’t have sufficient detail across to the new system as candidate actions, whereever possible. Candidate actions will not be functional in the new system. However, they will be available for individuals linked to their owning organisations to amend. Actions with no associated organisation will not be transferred to the new system as either functional or candidate actions. We recommend that you make what changes you can prior to the switchover.

This will also be your last opportunity to add status and trend updates for habitats and species that you work or lead on. All existing status and trend data will remain available.

The new BARS system will become available during April 2012. After this you will be able to add and continue to manage your biodiversity action data via the new BARS system. The gap between freezing input into the old system and launch of the new one is to allow us to transfer as much data as possible from the existing database to the new system before it goes live.

If you need any further advice or find a link that no longer works please donít hesitate to contact us at


Interactive Biodiversity Action Mapping

The new BARS system will include detailed mapping. The link below goes to an early prototype that gives you an idea of how the mapping will function. The final version will have more capabilities.

View actions on the new Biodiversity Action Maps


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