The Report of the Baha Mousa Inquiry



The Report comprises a number of Parts which will download most efficiently using the latest version of Adobe Reader and either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.  To ensure quickest download times, it is best first to ensure that any Temporary Internet Files are deleted.

The Report comprises three Volumes, please click onto the relevant thumbnail below to view the index for that volume.  Then click on the individual Part number which is a link to the content of that Part. An explanation for the way references are provided is included in paras 1.118-1.119 of Part 1 of the Report. Where references appear, the hyperlink will take you to the front page of the document and you will therefore have to scroll through the document to find the right text.


Volume I 

Report front page Vol I

 Volume II


BMI Report front Vol II

Volume III


BMI Report front Vol III


Below are links to the transcript of the Chairman's Statement and to the images shown on 8 September 2011.



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