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We will add a news feed item each time a protocol or key document is published, press notices issued, when directions are made or hearings held. When full oral hearings begin we will be publishing transcripts and evidence on a daily basis. News feed items will also appear on our homepage under "News" but for automatic alerts direct to your computer you will need to subscribe. Click here to subscribe.

Here is an extract from the current newsfeed:

  • Report of the Baha Mousa Public Inquiry
    The Chairman has published his Report. The Report comprises three volumes, to view the Report please click on the link above.
  • Publication of the Report
    The Chairman of the Inquiry will make a short statement on Thursday 8 September at 11.00am. This is to mark the laying of the Inquiry Report before Parliament later in the day. The usual conditions apply for anyone wishing to attend.
  • Timing of the Report
    The Chairman of the Inquiry has today announced that he intends to publish his Report on 8 September 2011. Please click on the above link for more information.

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