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The Red Tape Challenge website went live in April 2011. In the coming months, we will publish online the regulations affecting specific sectors and industry on a rolling thematic basis (to encourage focused debate on the issues). Once you’ve had your say, Ministers will have three months to work out which regulations they want to keep and why. Find out about how this will work here.

General Regulations: Throughout the process we are publishing the general regulations that cross all sectors – from rules on equality to those about employment. These six cross-cutting themes will be open for comment throughout the Red Tape Challenge process, but each will also have a window in the ‘spotlight’.

Spotlight: Every few weeks we are publishing the regulations affecting one specific sector or industry – from retail to hospitality to construction. For each of these there will be a ‘spotlight’ window for users to submit views. Interested businesses, individuals and organisations are asked to comment on which regulations could be improved or redesigned, which should be got rid of, or which should be kept. A list of ‘Spotlight’ themes is below. Themes for the New Year will be confirmed in due course. If the theme you want to comment on is now closed, please e-mail your thoughts to, and they will be considered by Departments as part of their wider deregulatory agenda.

Disruptive Business Models (open for comment): We understand that new business models – particularly those that involve doing things differently – may fall foul of regulations that were intended for another age, or for another purpose entirely. We want to ensure that our regulatory system is fit for purpose, and is not holding back disruptive new companies. That’s why we are launching this radical new Red Tape Challenge for Disruptive Business Models – which is live on the website for your comments from November to February. Once the initial ten-week window has closed, these issues will be checked out by a dedicated team of officials. Any specific regulations that are highlighted will be immediately put on probation, and will be scrapped unless the responsible department can justify or satisfactorily modify the regulation in question. This is a powerfully radical process that will help not only to reduce the overall burden of regulation, but also ensure that we develop better regulation too. To view comments, visit here:

Enforcement (closed for comment): Lots of the comments on Red Tape Challenge have been from businesses about enforcement. It is clear that in some cases it is not regulation itself which causes problems, but the way it is enforced. We have therefore added Regulatory Enforcement on the Red Tape Challenge site for 2 months as part of a summer-long drive to engage with business on the big issues in enforcement. This theme ran from 23 June – to mid September. To view comments, visit here: The announcement on ‘Transforming Regulatory Enforcement’ proposals is here.

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