Regulations Repealed so far through the Red Tape Challenge

Below you can find details of all the regulations we’ve repealed so far as a result of the Red Tape Challenge process.

As at January 2012, of over 1200 regulations reviewed so far as part of the Red Tape Challenge – we have agreed to scrap or improve well over 50%. Many of these changes will be implemented in 2012, and the table below will be updated once more repeals have taken place. To find out details on what has been announced so far, please visit our News page here.

Measure Department Background Result Date
Trading with the Enemy BIS These antiquated regulations were made during and after the Second World War to restrict or re-allow trading with certain countries. To date, 84 pieces of Trading with the Enemy legislation have been removed from the statute book. The 2011 revocation order is available to view on the website here. 15 December 2011

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