August Strindberg, painter, photographer, writer
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Carl Larson, The Author August Strindberg

Carl Larsson, The Author August Strindberg, 1899. Nationalmuseum, Stockholm


As a playwright and novelist, August Strindberg reveals his acute observation of the world around him. He called his graphically descriptive writing 'painting with words'.

However, at certain points in his life, he turned to painting itself as a creative outlet. In his autobiographical novel, Son of a Servant, he describes how painting made him 'indescribably happy – as if he'd just taken hashish.' Certainly, he seems to have immersed himself in painting at moments of crisis: when unable to write, or when going through marital troubles.

Just as Strindberg's groundbreaking plays paved the way for radical new dramatic movements, in his visual art he was constantly inventive. His paintings are remarkable for their originality, and his theories about the role of chance in the making of a work of art were far in advance of his time. Equally innovative in the field of photography, Strindberg devoted many years to experimenting with ambitious new techniques. This exhibition displays rarely seen works and offers new insights into this extraordinarily gifted man.