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People and departments

Standards for England recruits professionals from a broad range of backgrounds, all of whom share the organisation's vision of building confidence in local democracy.


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  • Chief Executive’s office
  • Closure Programme
  • Regulatory
  • Strategic Relations

Chief Executives Office


The Chief Executive's Office delivers essential support services to the organisation. Its functions include corporate legal work, including corporate/quality assurance and human resources.

The Chief Executive’s Office is also responsible for information security and business continuity, as well as the closure programme function.

Closure Programme


Working with the Chief Executive and Head of Strategic Relations, the Closure Programme function takes the lead on the approach to closure in conjunction with the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG).

Within the Closure Programme there are five categories: organisational matters, people issues, cessation of regulatory functions, managing and accounting for assets and liabilities, and customers and stakeholders.

The Closure Programme team ensures that there are appropriate and fit for purpose management processes in place to effectively manage the quality, cost and delivery of the closure programme to agreed standards.



The Regulatory function is responsible for managing Standards for England’s regulatory duties until our closure. This includes considering referrals, carrying out investigations and maintaining our website.

The Regulatory team also deals with any complaints about standards committees, engaging with local authorities and standard committees where necessary.

The independent Ethical Standards Officer role, as established under the Local Government Act 2000, is also based within the Regulatory team, ensuring that investigations into member conduct are conducted impartially and proportionately.

Strategic Relations


The Strategic Relations function is responsible for assisting the Board through organisation and support of Board meetings and supporting individual Board members in their ambassadorial role.

The Strategic Relations  team also manage relations with key external stakeholders, in particular CLG, research/knowledge activities and dealing with a range of enquiries from outside the organisation including press enquiries, FOI/DPA and parliamentary questions.

In addition to this the Strategic Relations function is responsible for the delivery of guidance, advice and support to help maintain a self-supporting standards community and assist members of the public, as well as providing robust financial management to the Board, senior management and CLG, supporting the Board’s audit arrangements and ensuring that the organisation responds effectively to the Government’s transparency agenda.




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