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Articles and speeches

Below is a selection of published articles and speeches about or by Standards for England.


01.07.2010 - Reading the runes of future regulation by Dr Robert Chilton (‘Firing Up The Passion For Leadership: Developing  Future Chief Executives’, ACSeS publication)

02.03.2010 - 'The new framework is working by Glenys Stacey (The MJ)

01.02.2010 - "Bias, Predetermination and the Code" by Freda Sharkey & Simon Bird QC (LGC)

30.01.2010 - "Setting the Standard" by Sir Ron Watson, Mehboob Khan, Stephen Knight & Shirley Flint (LGA First)


19.11.2009 - "Has the new standards framework really made a difference" by Cardiff University (The MJ)

27.10.2009 - "Standards: learning lessons locally" by Dr Robert Chilton (LGA First)

12.10.2009- State of the Nation Speech by Glenys Stacey (2009 Annual Assembly of Standards Committees)

01.10.2009 - "Making sure political boundaries are not overstepped" by Dr Robert Chilton (LGC)

30.09.2009 - "A question of trust" by Liza Ramrayka (The Guardian)

08.09.2009 - "Drawing the virtual line on conduct" by Joanne Sheppard (The MJ)

05.03.2009 - "Setting new standards" by Mark Smulian (LGC)

31.01.2009 - "A question of ethics" (First)

Key to abbreviations:

The MJ = the management journal for local authority business - formally The Municipal Journal - published by Local Gov

LGC = Local Government Chronicle

LCR = Local Council Review (published by the National Association of Local Councils)

First is published by the Local Government Association




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