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Transparency information

In accordance with the Government’s commitment to transparency, below are details of SfE’s items of expenditure in excess of £500 for the year 2009-2010 and for each month since the start of the current financial year. Please note that, in compliance with the Data Protection Act, any personal data has been omitted in order to protect the privacy of the individual in question.

Transparency data 2011-2012

 Transparency data December 2011 (CSV file)

 Transparency data November 2011 (CSV file)

 Transparency data October 2011 (CSV file)

 Transparency data September 2011 (CSV file)

 Transparency data August 2011 (CSV file)

 Transparency data July 2011 (CSV file)

 Transparency data June 2011 (CSV file)

Transparency data May 2011 (CSV file)

Transparency data April 2011 (CSV file)

Transparency data archives

 Transparency data 2010-2011

 Transparency data 2009-2010

Details of Standards for England’s expenditure on goods and services over £500 for the period April 2008 to March 2009 are now available online at:


Board and SMT expenses

Organogram and salaries

Organogram and salaries




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