Online guides

Standards for England has produced a range of Code of Conduct online guides covering the most frequent topics of telephone enquiries to our advisers.

The guides, which can be viewed using the links below, offer explanations about complicated parts of the revised Code, arranged by topic. They are a useful addition to our existing guidance.

Quick Guides

Quick guides are clear and concise explanations that provide clarification on key Code issues.


Bullying and the Code of Conduct

Charitable Trustees and personal interests under the Code

Disclosing confidential information

Freemasons and the Code of Conduct

Gifts, hospitality and the Code of Conduct

Independent members


Notifications to parish and town councils concerning complaints about their members

Personal and prejudicial interests  

Role and appointment of parish and town council reps to the standards committee

Topic Guides

Topic Guides are more lengthy explanations of complex issues which may be particularly useful for monitoring officers.

Charitable Trustees & declarations of interest under the Code

Predisposition, predetermination or bias, and the Code




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