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Guidance on the Code of Conduct

Guidance documentation downloads

Standards for England’s regulatory functions will cease on 31 January 2012 and this includes our advice and guidance function. We will be removing all guidance from our website on this date, but prior to this we have created a page where you will be able to download copies of our existing guidance.

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One of Standards for England's key functions is to provide guidance for authorities when implementing the Code of Conduct.

The aim of our guidance is to help members, monitoring officers and standards committees to successfully interpret the Code of Conduct.

View our guide for members - an overview of the Code of Conduct

View our Online Guides to key topics of the revised Code

 View the Code of Conduct FAQs

Alphabetical list of all guidance on the Code of Conduct

Blogging (Quick guide)

Blogging (Topic guide)

Bullying and the Code of Conduct (Quick Guide)

Charitable Trustees and declarations of interest under the Code (Topic Guide)

Charitable Trustees and personal interests under the Code (Quick Guide)

The Code of Conduct: Guide for members - May 2007 (PDF File)

The Code of Conduct Guide for members of Welsh police authorities - 2008 (English Version)  (PDF File)

Y Cod Ymddygiad Canllaw i aelodau o awdurdodau heddlu Cymru  - 2008 (Chyfieithiad Cymraeg) (PDF File)

Disclosing confidential information (Quick Guide)

 Dual-hatted members (Quick Guide)

FAQ - Questions about the Code of Conduct 

FAQ - General questions

Freemasons and the Code of Conduct (Quick Guide)

Gifts, hospitality and the Code of Conduct (Quick Guide)

Independent members (Quick Guide)

Lobbying (Quick Guide)

Notifications to parish and town councils concerning complaints about their members (Quick Guide)

Pocket guide to the Code of Conduct 2010 (PDF File)

Personal and prejudicial interests (Quick Guide)

Role and appointment of parish and town council reps to the standards committee (Quick Guide)

Predisposition, predetermination or bias, and the Code (Topic Guide)

Further information

If you have a query about the Code of Conduct, please contact our Enquiries team on 0845 078 8181 or by email at




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