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Notable practice

This section of our website provides examples of activities undertaken by local authorities to help improve standards.

Part of our role is to support standards committees in promoting high standards, which in turn will enhance the reputation of local government. Standards for England seeks to develop the standards community's own capacity to support the regulated community. We know from experience that those involved in the standards community benefit from opportunities to share effective practice and learn from each other.

As well as providing the information in this section, we host an online Standards Forum for council officers and standards committee members. In the past SfE has supported an annual award at the LGC Awards, the Standards and Ethics award. The award recognises the achievements of authorities who consistently deliver principled local politics and strive to improve public trust in local democracy.

Notable practice examples

These examples include notable practice from the 2009 annual returns; and the 2009 and 2010 Standards & Ethics Awards.

Engaging leadership

Training and skills for members

This also includes a link to the IDeA’s councillor mentoring programme.

Communicating standards

This also includes case studies looking at managing the media and publicity.

Increasing confidence in democracy

This also includes links to the SfE and IDeA’s press toolkits.

Working in partnerships with other authorities

This also includes a link to Defra’s Quality Parish Council initiative.

Case studies

Local authority case studies

Includes case studies of the authorities identified as demonstrating notable practice from the 2009 annual returns; and the 2010 Standards & Ethics Awards. There are also interviews with authorities shortlisted for the 2009 a Standards & Ethics Awards.

Assessing The Impact Of Standards Committees 2009

This research by the University of Teesside considers nine different authorities and the examples of notable practice they demonstrate. This includes organizational learning; working with town and parish councils; developing members; working with partnerships; recruitment and retention; joint training and development; joint standards and audit; high pressure investigations; and embedding standards.




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