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Introduction to Standards for England

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  A short leaflet detailing the key elements of our work and operation.
  Published in February 2010.

About us

Standards for England has been a champion of principled local politics since 2001.

We believe that high standards of conduct among our local politicians are the cornerstone of effective local democracy.

Our role in overseeing the ethical standards framework means we work with local authorities, their monitoring officers and local standards committees across England to support them in managing local standards arrangements.

We also deal with complaints which are not suitable for investigation at local authority level.

Subject to the Government’s Localism Bill receiving Parliamentary approval, the statutory role of Standards for England will cease to exist at a time to be determined by the Secretary of State, as will the current local standards framework.

As such, we have adapted our organisation to ensure we continue to deliver our regulatory functions of handling cases and giving advice, guidance and support whilst preparing for closure.

Our history

The Code of Conduct and the Standards Board for England were introduced in the 2000 Local Government Act, in response to the Nolan report and high profile standards failings in local government.

In the early days flaws in both legislation and administration attracted criticism, particularly from local government. We agreed with the need for improvement and led the call for changes to the system, lobbying for a more proportionate balance between local self regulation and national oversight.

The 2007 Local Government Act brought in a remodelled local standards framework. The new devolved regime has been up and running since May 2008. The vast majority of complaints are now dealt with by local standards committees. We only deal with the most serious.

Since July 2009 the Standards Board for England has been operating under the new name: Standards for England. We’ve made this switch to emphasise how our role has changed. We’ve changed the look and feel of our communications to do more to highlight the positive aspects of conduct; making the point that ethical behaviour is both a good thing in itself and good for local democracy.




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