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What is this about?

Everyone who is part of the children and young people’s workforce should behave as part of a team around the child and young person. The aim is for everyone to share a common ambition – to make life better for children and young people.

What does a fragmented approach look like?

People only deal with their own areas of expertise and do not think about the other problems that affect children and young people’s success. There is a lack of ambition both for staff themselves, their services and the children and young people they serve.

What does an integrated and high quality approach look like?

Everyone behaves as part of a team with a common purpose; they want the best possible future for children and young people and are ambitious about achieving this.

Success from different viewpoints

  • ocwf jigsawChildren’s Trust
    “Agreed priorities and shared accountability for all outcomes for all children, and young people and their families/carers”
  • ocwf presentationTeam view
    “There is an identified team around the child or young person which is co‚Äźordinated by a lead professional and which recognises individual expertise."
  • ocwf officerService
    “Positive outcomes drive collaborative behaviours of organisations, and these are clearly described as part of everyone’s role.”
  • ocwf manPractitioner’s view
    “I behave as part of a team of people who work with children, young people and their families/carers. I’m ambitious for what I can achieve for children and young people.”
  • ocwf girlChild’s view
    “I know that I and my family/carers will get the best help to make my life better.”

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