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Case studies

Case studies from the children and young people's workforce

  • Angus McClean - Nursery Owner
    Angus gives us some insight into Apprenticeships and childcare from the employer's point of view.
  • Ayub Malik - Learning Mentor
    Ayub Malik works as a Learning Mentor with children aged between five and eleven at the Marsden Community Primary School in Nelson, Lancashire. His job is to provide encouragement and support to pupils who, in Ayub's own words, "have barriers to learning which could be social, personal, emotional or behavioural."
  • Clifton McDonald - Manager of the Genesis Project
    The things you can achieve through team sports are amazing such as helping them to work on their behaviour, self-esteem, attendance and bullying by engaging with them through playing games and, perhaps most important of all, listening to them.
  • Daniel Callister - Nursery Worker
    That was five years ago. Having started out as an apprentice Daniel is now a fully qualified NVQ Level 3 Nursery Worker and Head of Toddlers Room. He has been asked on many occasions what it’s like to be a man working with small children and his answer is always the same. “It’s fantastic. To me it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. As long as you’ve got what it takes. I’ve received nothing but support from all my family and friends although I must admit I did expect the odd comment. But everyone is really made up that I found a career I love.”
  • Debbie Crawford - Integrated Workforce Development Officer
    Debbie Crawford is an integrated children’s workforce development officer in Central Bedfordshire. Debbie has delivered training to more than 350 members of the children and young people’s workforce in the Bedfordshire area.
  • Dermot Gallagher - Training Advisor
    “As a male working in child care you can break down a lot of barriers,” says Dermot Gallagher, Training Advisor for the Children’s Care, Learning and Development Apprenticeship programme at Blackburn College. “People can be quite sceptical about you at first, but the longer you work with them the more they start to accept and really appreciate exactly what you’re capable of.”
  • Gary Cole - volunteer
    Gary has experienced the value of integrated working, with the common assessment framework (CAF) enabling him to work within a team to help a number of children and young people who were identified as having additional needs.
  • Gemma Johnson - Nursery Worker
    Gemma is a highly respected Nursery Nurse at the Rockbourne Day Nursery in Liverpool, where she works as Head of Baby Room and Equal Opportunities Co-ordinator. However, on leaving school six years ago she didn’t really know what career path lay ahead of her.
  • Guy Halley - Senior Education Welfare Officer
    “My main challenge as a Senior Education Welfare Officer is to ensure that attendance remains a high priority for schools amongst all the other important issues they face on a day-to-day basis, such as exams and meeting targets."
  • Hasan Saffari - Nursery Worker
    Besides being Head of Lower Toddlers at the nursery run by his mother Brenda, the 22-year-old even has his eye on taking over the managerial reigns in the future - although he admits that day is probably still several years off.
  • Ian Tideswell - Head of SureStart
    Ian is Head of SureStart Children's Centre in Newton Heath. His job involves trying to improve the quality of life and opportunities for families with children under five.
  • Jeanette Bramwell - Participation Manager
    Ask Jeanette Bramwell what the most rewarding thing about working with children and young people is and she will waste no time coming up with an answer. “It’s listening to what they have to say,” says the former nurse.
  • Joanna Nichols - Teenage Pregnancy Strategy Co-ordinator
    Joanna Nichols is the teenage pregnancy co-ordinator for Calderdale Children's Trust. Here, she explains how the common core underpins integrated working in her local services, and gives everyone an improved understanding of how to get the best for children and young people.
  • Kahlia Laws - Learning Mentor
    The children might have behavioural problems, emotional problems or perhaps something going on at home. Whatever the circumstances, I set out to try and help them. And when you do make a breakthrough, no matter how small, it really is extremely satisfying.”
  • Liz Cameron - Principle Officer, Children and Young People
    Principle Officer responsible for Partnerships with Children & Young People. In a nutshell, her job is to engage with children and young people to make sure that different services provided by the council take their needs and opinions into account.
  • Louise Gelder - Development Officer for Looked After Children and Substance Use
    Like hundreds of others, Louise worked as a volunteer helping young people and adults before deciding where her destiny lay. Qualifications are important but, as Louise admits, experience – both through voluntary and paid work – is just as vital.
  • Megan Lund - Nursery Worker
    Megan Lund shares her experience of undertaking an Apprenticeship in Children's Care Learning and Development while working at a nursery and getting a wage as she studies.
  • Mina Bharat - Nursery Manager
    Mina’s first nursery opened its doors in 1989 and was fully booked within six months. She now manages two others, including one in a deprived area of the city, opened partly thanks to lottery funding and help from the Leicestershire Neighbourhood Nursery Initiative.
  • Parul Begum - Programme Manager for disabled children
    Parul Begum is what you might call a trail blazer. When she first came to the UK from Bangladesh in 1989 she could barely speak a word of English. Today Parul is a highly respected voice within The Children’s Society, the leading national charity that aims to help and support children who face discrimination and disadvantage in their daily lives.
  • Patricia Ray - Connexions Personal Advisor
    “Occasionally challenging but rewarding beyond belief” – that’s how Patricia Ray describes her job as a Connexions Personal Advisor responsible for looked after children living in the London Borough of Hounslow.
  • Pete Coulson - Equality and Diversity Officer
    “We need more men to work with children,” says Pete Coulson, Equality and Diversity Officer within the Children and Young People’s Services department at Wigan Council. It can be hard for boys growing up. They need to be around men who can set a good example.
  • Poonam Cant - Nursery Manager
    Poonam runs a flourishing day care centre in the picturesque Yorkshire town of Ilkley, catering both for pre-school children from birth to five years old and school age children up to the age of 10. Virtually all her business comes through word of mouth which – along with the extensive waiting list for places – shows how successful her dream has turned out to be.
  • Sadia Bashir - Behaviour Support Worker
    Sadia has worked as a Behaviour Support Worker at Marsden Community Primary School, in Lancashire, since 2004.
  • Scott Brunton - Project Manager, Excellence Cluster
    Today Scott manages a project called the Excellence Cluster which supports secondary schools in the Hastings area by putting on what are known as emotional literacy courses run by qualified teachers. These are designed to help pupils explore their feelings around a range of subjects such as self-esteem, loss and separation, social skills and behaviour management.
  • Simon Roach - Manager of support centre for disabled children
    At aged 20, Simon found himself working for Barnardo’s, the leading UK charity whose vision is that all children and young people should be free from poverty, abuse and discrimination. Twenty two years on and he’s still with Barnardo’s, having attained his qualifications in social work and fulfilled various different roles. He is now manager of The Spark Centre in Bethnal Green, which Simon describes as a support hub for disabled children and their parents.
  • Steve Titley - Inclusion and Access Co-ordinator
    Today Steve works as Inclusion and Access Co-ordinator for the Children, Young People and Families Directorate at Oldham Council. “My job is all about making a difference when it comes to equality, diversity and cohesion. Half of my time is spent working with children, young people and families. The work that we do with adults also has a direct effect on children. By improving the prospects of the parents, we’re having an impact on the next generation.
  • Sue Gabi - Education Welfare Officer
    Sue has been an Education Welfare Officer since January 2003. She describes it as “a wonderful job” but admits “there are challenging moments. There is so much to it”. Essentially it’s about working with parents, pupils and schools to improve school attendance.
  • Tom Lynn - Connexions Personal Advisor
    One of the things I really like about the job is that each Personal Advisor is given a specific caseload of work, then it’s up to you how you manage it. That allows you a degree of flexibility in your work. It sounds like a cliché but no two days are ever the same. That’s one of the things I enjoy most about it.”
  • Tricia Doherty - Learning Mentor
    I do everything from one to one sessions for children with barriers to their learning to running a Lunchtime Club for children who are having difficulties in the playground or whose behaviour is deemed to be inappropriate outside. I run a homework club for children whose parents aren’t for whatever reason able to support them at home.
  • Zahrah Mir - Principal Equalities Officer
    Today Zahrah has the best of both worlds. As the Principal Equalities Officer within the Children’s Services Directorate at Salford City Council, she gets to work on a whole range of issues covering children and young people.

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