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Foundation Degree Framework for Working Together for Young People

A good practice framework for qualifications for working together for young people

CWDC has developed a foundation degree framework for working together for young people. The framework aims to illustrate good practice in developing qualifications in higher education, based on evidence from young people, learners, employers, providers and other experts from the sector.

The framework has been developed not as a qualification in itself but as a frame within which qualifications might sit - a frame that encourages the practice of working with young people to remain as a central focus for learners in diverse situations.

Qualifications developed in line with this framework include the work place as a key site of learning and highlight the importance of a curriculum that enhances practice within the three areas of a) working with young people b) working together and c) developing specialist expertise.

It describes characteristics of qualifications that support:

  • employer involvement
  • capability and capacity
  • design and delivery

Download the foundation degree framework for working together for young people (1.13 Mb PDF)

More information about what the framework hopes to achieve, and the benefits of the framework for sector are available here:

What the framework does

Readers would benefit from the context the entire document provides, as the introduction sets the scene and explains how best to use the framework.

We recommend that you read the whole document, however to support people to access the most relevant content quickly, we have also prepared route maps to accompany the framework. To access the route maps please follow the most relevant link below:

Route map for learners and young people

Route map for employers

Route map for providers

If you have any questions about this area of work please contact:

Page updated: 22 March 2011

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