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Child poverty learner resource

Understand, recognise and respond to child poverty

A learner resource with tools and exercises to support the learning identified in the training module has been developed. The resource signposts to policy documents and reviews and provides information available locally on child poverty.

The child poverty learner resource accompanies the child poverty training module and may be used as part of a wide range of formal or informal learning programmes. A training provider may want to develop or incorporate the learner resource into a formal training programme, referencing the resource as appropriate, or they may be used as part of an induction programme or as part of active learning sets.

The module and learner resource are not accredited through an awarding organisation, but training providers and educational establishments may wish to include them in accredited programmes of learning as appropriate.

The learner resource is divided into five sections to mirror the learning aims and outcomes of the training module. Each section is broken down into learning outcomes. At the end of each section, further suggested reading and training is identified so that learners can further develop their understanding of the learning objective. At the end of each section and throughout the learner resource, exercises are suggested to extend and consolidate learning. An introduction, how to use guidance, and various appendices are provided to support the learning

Practitioners may choose to undertake learning from one or more of the sections, although it is recommended that all sections be undertaken in chronological order.

Locally adaptable

Local Authorities across England are in the process of publishing child poverty needs assessments and strategies. It is therefore recommended that practitioners refer to their Local Authority’s web pages or contact their Local Authority’s offices to check for new developments and policies. Organisations are encouraged to adapt the learner resource to reflect local and regional perspectives.

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Page updated: 6 October 2011

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