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Learning from past projects

We believe the profession thrives on sharing of learning and practice.

Re-shaping social work

We have delivered a range of projects that have helped improve the way social workers are recruited, trained and supported to help children and families. We would like to encourage you to learn from what we've done by joining colleagues across the country to lead change in social work locally.

We have worked with local authorities and employers across England, and the Department for Education (DfE) to improve the way social workers are recruited, trained and supported.

We continue to deliver this programme of work until April 2012 when it will move to the Department for Education.

Our remodelling project aimed to create new ways of organising working practices, or staff teams to allow social workers to spend more time with children and families.

Recruitment and retention
Recruitment and retention of social workers is a challenge for many local authorities in England. In 2009-2011 two groups of local authorities took part in a pilot to look at innovative ways of addressing these issues in their regions.

Advanced social work professional status (ASWP)
The ASWP status aimed to make a difference to the lives of children and families by encouraging excellent social workers to remain on the front line.

Peer support
The peer support programme provided opportunities for each government region to share good practice and collaborate across agency boundaries to develop new and cost effective solutions to ongoing challenges.

Graduate recruitment scheme (GRS)
GRS allowed high calibre candidates without a background in social care to complete a Masters in Social Work over two years whilst receiving a bursary.

Page updated: 5 December 2011

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